Banyumas needs to intensify tourism promotion activities

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Banyumas needs to intensify tourism promotion activities

Lokawisata Baturraden, Banyumas Regency. (Foto: Sumarwoto)

Purwokerto, (Antaranews Jateng) - Chusmeru, a tourism observer at the General Soedirman University, opined that the government of Banyumas District in Central Java Province should continue to increase tourism promotion activities to develop tourism in the region more optimally.

"In 2018, tourism promotion activities need to be improved to become more optimal in order to continue to increase the number of tourist visits," the observer remarked here on Wednesday.

Moreover, Chusmeru noted that the district government also needs to make efforts to extend the length of stay of tourists.

"The local government is required to undertake every effort to make the tourists stay longer, so that they spend more at tourism destinations," he emphasized.

Hence, he stated that sound cooperation between the district government and Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association as well as the recreational park manager must be improved.

According to Chusmeru, the districts of Banyumas, Purbalingga, and Banjarnegara are competing to develop the tourism sector, including offering innovative rides in leading destinations, such as Baturraden, Owabong, and Dieng.

Baturraden is a tourist destination in Banyumas District, located in the north of Purwokerto City on the slopes of Mount Slamet.

Due to its location on the slopes of the mountain, Baturaden enjoys a cool climate and tends to become very cold, especially at night.

Currently, several hotels and villas have been built in the Baturaden area to attract as many tourists as possible.

Apart from Baturaden, Dieng Plateau is another favorite tourist destination in the district.

Dieng Plateau is another place worth visiting in Central Java, situated around two thousand meters above sea level and 100 kilometers from Borobudur.

This area in the northwest is located in the volcanic mountains and has an elevation of over two thousand meters. The name "Dieng" means "abode of the gods." There the visitors can find reconstructed temples build around the year 800 as well as colorful and steaming lakes.

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