Floods submerge 1.000 hectares of rice fields in Banyumas

id Floods submerge 1.000 hectares of rice fields in Banyumas

Floods submerge 1.000 hectares of rice fields in Banyumas

Two farmers, Mariyun dan Datam, saw their flooded rice fields. (Foto: Sumarwoto)

Purwokerto, C Java, (Antaranews Jateng)- Floods have submerged some one thousand hectares of rice fields in three sub-districts in Banyumas District, Central Java Province, since Jan 16, according to a local agricultural official.

The three flood-affected sub-districts were Tambak, Sumpiuh, and Kemranjen, Widarso, the head of the Banyumas agriculture and food resilience office, said here on Tuesday.

In the total one thousand hectares of land, paddy crops in some 300 hectares were spoiled completely, he noted.

The paddy was about two weeks old and vulnerable to flooding, he added. Rains continued to fall in Banyumas, and floods could spread to wider areas and inflict more losses, he remarked.

Widarso has reported about the floods to the central government and asked for paddy seed, so that farmers could replant paddy in their rice fields.

Meanwhile, parts of Makassar City in South Sulawesi Province were flooded following incessant heavy rain that fell from Monday evening until Tuesday noon.

The local authorities distributed relief aid and were ready to evacuate the flood victims, Taufiek Rahman, head of the Makassar disaster mitigation office (BPBD), stated on Tuesday.

Floodwaters reached a height of up to 1.5 meters in Katimbang, Biringkanayan Sub-district, he noted.

Currently, Indonesia is experiencing the peak of the rainy season. Therefore, the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has warned of possible hydrometeorological disasters.

The agency called on the people to remain vigilant, as Indonesia was currently experiencing the peak of the rainy season, Mulyono Rahadi Prabowo, the BMKG's deputy in charge of meteorology, noted in a statement on Jan 17, 2019.

The condition in the Indian Ocean and the direction of wind indicated possible heavy rains, lightening, thunder, and strong wind, he remarked.

Flooding and whirlwind hit several provinces lately, including Lampung, West Java, Aceh, and West Sumatra.
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