RI records 3,622 additional cases, bringing count to 184,268

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RI records 3,622 additional cases, bringing count to 184,268

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - Republic of Indonesia recorded 3,622 new COVID-19 cases within the last 24 hours, thereby pushing the tally to 184,268, as of Thursday, according to the country's Task Force for COVID-19 Response.

The country also witnessed 2,084 people recovering from COVID-19, bringing the recovery tally to 132,055, the task force noted in a report released on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the death toll reached 7,750, with 134 people succumbing to the disease within the last 24 hours.

The figures suggested that the country currently has 44,463 active cases or patients still receiving treatment or undergoing self-isolation.

On Thursday, the authorities examined 37,597 specimens from 19,306 people at 220 laboratories across the country. The figure took the total number of specimens examined to 2,388,865, from 1,353,291 people since the country reported the first confirmed COVID-19 cases in March 2020.

The authorities also recorded 84,071 suspected cases currently under surveillance.

COVID-19 positive cases were found in the country's 34 provinces, with 488 cities and districts affected.

Five provinces recorded the highest number of new cases on Thursday, with 1,359 new cases in Jakarta, 377 in East Java, 242 in Central Java, 238 in West Java, and 174 in Bali.


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