President and VP attend Supreme Court's plenary session

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President and VP attend Supreme Court's plenary session

Supreme Court’s plenary session held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday (26/2/2020). ANTARA/Indra Arief/ac

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma'ruf Amin attended the Supreme Court's Special Plenary Session at the Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday.

Widodo and Amin, along with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court M. Hatta Ali, were spotted entering the special plenary session room together.

The agenda of the session, opened by Ali, include the Court's Yearly Report themed "Sustainability of Judicial Modernization".

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Ali noted that the MA Plenary Session, with the Annual Report agenda, is a form of the Supreme Court’s accountability to the public, for the achievements of the Court, as well as a means of internal evaluation over the past year.

"The special session of the annual report of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019 on Wednesday, February 26, was declared open and open to the public," Ali stated.

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Supreme Court Justices, Onward Indonesia Cabinet Ministers, and leaders of state institutions and representatives of friendly countries were other attendees at the special open plenary session.

Leaders of State Institutions present included Chair of the House of Representatives Puan Maharani, People's Consultative Assembly Speaker Bambang Soesatyo, Regional Representatives Council Chair La Nyalla Mattalitti, Chair of the Constitutional Court Anwar Usman, and Attorney General ST Burhanuddin.

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