Jokowi should not meet Hillary`s fate: Moeldoko

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Jokowi should not meet Hillary`s fate: Moeldoko

Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko. (Foto:Wisnu Adhi N.)

Solo (Antaranews Jateng) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) should not meet the same fate as Hillary Clinton, who lost the US Presidential Election since many did not exercise their voting rights, according to Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko.

"Almost all US citizens believe Hillary was the winner, so many did not come to the polling station, as they were sure Hillary would win, but eventually, she lost," he remarked at the Sebelas Maret University Alumni Declaration (UNS) with Other Universities, Volunteers, and Communities Support # 01 at Graha Wisata Surakarta on Saturday.

Hence, he expressed hope that the community would arrive in droves to the polling station to vote for the Jokowi-Ma`ruf Amin pair.

"One vote determines the future of Indonesia. At the time, the presidential election is close to a holiday; do not let it stop you from exercising your voting rights," he affirmed.

In terms of political stability, he stated that Indonesia`s democracy index had recorded a sound growth of some 72 percent.

"This means participation of the public is increasing to become involved in post-conflict local election. In the 171 regional elections in Indonesia, 157 million Indonesians flocked to polling stations," he pointed out.

Meanwhile, in terms of performance, he remarked that Jokowi was able to improve the welfare of the community, one of which was by creating new jobs.

"Jokowi once promised 10 million jobs. Currently, 8.9 million workers can be absorbed by the industry. Until the end of the government`s term, 10 million will certainly be achieved," he stated.

He said President Jokowi was also able to reduce the unemployment rate, from 5.15 percent to 5.13 percent.

With the results of this work, Indonesia has a mission to be one of the six major players in the global economy in 2030.

On the other hand, he noted that the president was not only concerned about urban development but also focused on rural areas. One of the ways to advance villages is through the village fund program.

"Cumulatively, village funds disbursed by the president amounted to Rp252 trillion," he revealed.

"Details of village funds disbursed in 2015 amounted to Rp27 trillion, Rp40.7 trillion in 2016, Rp60 trillion in 2017 and 2018, and Rp73 trillion in 2019," he remarked.

He noted that with the availability of village funds, village officials again harbored the passion of building their respective villages.

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