National Batik Day Offers Momentum to Promote Batik Clothing

id National Batik Day, Promote Batik

National Batik Day Offers Momentum to Promote Batik Clothing

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Purwokerto, ANTARA JATENG - Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has invited batik artisans in Banyumas District to utilize the momentum offered by the commemoration of National Batik Day to introduce and promote their products at the global level.

"Batik products owned by Banyumas must be promoted in order to be known at the global level," Ganjar said while delivering a speech at a ceremony to commemorate the 8th National Batik Day in Banyumas District on Monday.

Further, the governor expressed hope that batik artisans would use information technology to promote their products.

Earlier, on Monday, while addressing hundreds of students and teachers at the Sokaraja State Senior High School in Banyumas, Governor Pranowo invited students to play an active role in preserving batik as one of the world`s recognized cultural heritages.

"Currently, batik has become a world heritage since it was approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2009," Pranowo said.

The governor lauded the creations and innovations of batik craftsmen spread across Central Java Province with regard to the design, style, and media.

"The innovation of young batik makers is now extraordinary, so much so that all of them are now wearing batik," Pranowo emphasized.

The politician of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle noted that batik is quite versatile and can be mixed and matched with various other clothing materials.

Pranowo said he was proud of batik, as the late South African president Nelson Mandela had bought batik clothes from Central Java Province.

"Mandela had a collection of batik bought from Pekalongan in Central Java," the governor said.

In a bid to preserve batik, Pranowo urged the students to increase their love of batik.

"The students should not only develop a greater love for batik but should also explore batik in its entirety by gaining a broader understanding of its patterns owned by Indonesia," he explained.

Pranowo said that by making efforts to preserve batik, its industry in Central Java is expected to show steady growth and development and also help to improve the welfare of the craftsmen.

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