Caping Park offers animal education tourism for children

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Caping Park offers animal education tourism for children

Salah seorang pengunjung memandang kota Purwokerto dari atas jembatan kaca yang menjadi andalan destinasi wisata baru "Caping Park", Desa Kebumen, Kecamatan Baturraden, Banyumas. (Foto: Sumarwoto)

Banyumas (Antaranews Jateng) - Caping Park, which has been operational since June 1, 2018, is expected to become an alternative destination in the Baturraden Tourism Area, Banyumas District, Central Java Province.

"We are offering educational tours for children and introducing them to rabbits, goats, poultry, and cows," General Manager of Caping Park Prayitno stated here on Saturday.

According to Prayitno, children can learn how to care for animals, such as rabbits comprising various types of fuzzy lop and flemish giant.

In addition to educational tours, Caping Park, located in Kebumen Village, Baturrraden Sub-district, also offers natural beauty that can be enjoyed from various quarters, especially for tourists, who love to take selfies, with the backdrop of Purwokerto City or rice fields. They can also enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset here.

"We have 12 spots for taking selfies here, one of them being the selfie deck of the glass bridge, which is possibly the first in Central Java. We use imported tempered glass to build the glass bridge," he revealed.

He explained that each sheet of tempered glass, measuring 2x2.5 meters, was able to withstand loads of up to one ton, so it is safe for tourists.

Prayitno noted that the name "Caping" was selected, as it is a shade or a cone-shaped head hood made of woven bamboo.

"Caping is based on the philosophy that someone in the top position should be able to protect those under him to make them strong. Hence, Caping is an icon of this tourism destination," he revealed.

We are targeting to attract 50 thousand tourists to visit Caping Park until the Eid-Al Fitr day. Our operating hours are from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. local time, but it closes for a while until 8 p.m. local time following new development, currently reaching 80 percent, he stated.

Tourists only need to pay the entrance ticket fee of Rp20 thousand during weekdays and Rp25 thousand on weekends or holidays.

Anggraeni, a visitor, was curious about the glass bridge built by Caping Park.

"It is said that the glass bridge is the first of its kind in Central Java, so I came here with my friends. This glass bridge is more challenging to the adrenaline, so cool. I will come here again with my family," she affirmed.

Satria, another tourist, said that Caping Park not only offers natural beauty and landscapes but also provides education to children, especially about animals.

"I am impressed by this kind of tourist attraction for the first time in Banyumas," he added.

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