PKS faction writes letter of protest to Macron

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PKS faction writes letter of protest to Macron

Chief of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction in the House of Representatives (DPR), Jazuli Juwain. ANTARA/special

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chief of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction in the House of Representatives, Jazuli Juwain, has sent a missive to French President Emmanuel Macron, protesting his remarks in support of reprinting of cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad.

"The PKS faction strongly denounces the French president's remarks that clearly insult Islam since he supports the publication of cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad. For its part, the PKS faction has sent an official letter of protest to the French president to protest against his controversial attitude and statement,” he said in a written statement released on Thursday.

The letter has been routed to Macron through the French Embassy in Jakarta.

Jazuli, who is also vice president of the World Muslim Parliamentary Forum, said the French president's remarks have received widespread criticism from Muslim countries, which have denounced the remarks and called for the boycott of French products.

He said the PKS faction supports the firm stand taken by the Indonesian Foreign Ministry, which summoned the French ambassador to Indonesia to denounce Macron's remarks.

"The French president's statement may disrupt global peace because it reflects irresponsible freedom of expression," he remarked.

Global peace cannot be achieved if anyone freely insults other faiths, much less figures held sacred by adherents of a religion, he said.

As a leader of a large country with a long history, Macron should have set an example on how to create global peace, starting from mutual respect for the faith of every human being, Jazuli remarked.

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