Trump`s Jerusalem Announcement Hurts Muslim Sentiments

id Abdul Fikri Faqih

Trump`s Jerusalem Announcement Hurts Muslim Sentiments

Legislators Abdul Fikri Faqih. (Foto: PKS)

Semarang, ANTARA JATENG - Thousands of members of the Justice Prosperous Party (PKS) held a peaceful rally in front of the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque here on Friday to denounce the US recognition of Jerusalem.

Legislators Abdul Fikri Faqih and Abdul Kharis Almasyhari, Deputy Mayor Muhammad Haris of Salatiga, Deputy Speaker Ahmadi of the Central Java Regional Legislative Council, among others, participated in the rally joining the worldwide call for the "day of rage" in solidarity of Palestine.

The decision of US President Donald Trump has hurt the sentiments of Muslims and peace-loving people, Kamal Fauzi, head of the PKS chapter in Central Java, emphasized.

Trump`s announcement on Jerusalem last Wednesday was provocative and a political blunder, he remarked.

"We urge the Indonesian government to apply pressure on the US government to cancel the decision," he stated.

The PKS has lauded the Indonesian government for strongly condemning the move by the US.

"We reject the double standards of the US, which is not serious in finding a solution to the colonization of Palestinian land by Israel," he emphasized.

Similar peaceful rallies in protest of Donald Trump`s decision were also organized in front of the US Embassy in Jakarta and consulates in Yogyakarta, Aceh Darussalam Province, and Makassar, South Sulawesi Province.

In Jakarta, several hundred people congregated outside the US Embassy on Friday during a peace rally held as a mark of protest following US President Donald Trump`s statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel`s capital.

Bearing the flags of Islamic community organizations and banners reading "Trump is enemy of humanity" and "Jerusalem will never belong to Israel," several hundred people staged a peace protest to express their support for the Palestinian people following the US` move on Jerusalem.

"Trump`s decision has violated international laws and could endanger the peace process in Palestine," Agus Sudarmaji, a spokesperson of the Al-Aqsa Working Group, remarked.

As a leader of a superpower, Trump has lost his mind, Sudarmaji noted.

In Makassar, tens of university students burnt US flags and demanded the Indonesian government to sever diplomatic ties with the US.

In Yogyakarta, over hundred protestors condemned the US and Israel and collected funds for Palestinian people fighting for their independence.
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