Fishery Product From Pekalongan Exported to Asian Countries

id fishery product from pekalongan exported to asian countries

Fishery Product From Pekalongan Exported to Asian Countries


Head of Nusantara Fishery Port of Pekalongan, Mansur, here on Monday said that the foreign market demand for fisheries products can be satisfied.

"We hope the foreign market demand will keep increasing so it can absorb large workforce and at the same time improve the local economy," he said.

Mansur said during 2015 the value of fish exports reached US$ 4.74 million, increased over the previous year of US$ 3.1 million.

The volume of fish, he said, also increased, which in 2015 was 2.1 million kilograms, higher than the previous year of 1.1 million kilograms.

"Currently, the marine fisheries sector of Pekalongan shows a positive trend. We expect the foreign demand for seafood, especially canned fish and canned crab continues to increase," he said.

He added that the fish species most in demand by the foreign market are mackerel, oil sardine, and tuna.

"To increase the amount of fish exports to these countries, we are holding four companies, namely PT Maya Food Industries, PT Philips Sea Food Indonesia, PT Blue Sea Industry and PT Nam Kyung Korea Indonesia," Mansur said.
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