Banjarnegara to further explore tourism potential

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Banjarnegara to further explore tourism potential

Banjarnegara District Head Budhi Sarwono while visiting the Serulingmas Wildlife Recreation Park (TRMS Serulingmas) Banjarnegara. (Photo: Public Relations Government of Banjarnegara District)

Banjarnegara (Antaranews Jateng) - The government of Banjarnegara District in Central Java Province will continue to further explore the tourism potential.

"In addition to the Dieng plateau and Serulingmas Wildlife Recreation Park (TRMS), there are still many other locations that can be developed into mainstay tourist destinations," Banjarnegara District Head Budhi Sarwono remarked here on Monday.

He noted that by further exploring the tourism potential, the district`s tourism sector can be developed even more to attract as many visitors as possible.

"Banjarnegara also has the unique Tampomas nature tourist attraction and several others, such as Curug Mrawu, Sikopel, Seruling Mas Park, Serayu River Rafting, temples in Dieng, Sileri Crater, and Sikidang," he pointed out.

Hence, the local government will continue to work to improve the tourist attractions in order to increase the number of tourist visits.

"We are also continuing to work on improving infrastructure, including street lighting, in tourist areas," he noted.

According to Indonesia Tourism, on its website, Banjarnegara is known for its culinary delicacies, such as Dawet Ayu, a kind of traditional beverage with a sweet and milky taste; tempe mendoan, a type of thin soybean cake; combro; apem madukara, similar to a traditional pancake, and many more.

The most popular natural destination in Banjarnegara is Dieng Plateau, with the highest potential dominant in the district.

Some people believe that the Dieng Plateau is located in Wonosobo, which is true, but most areas are located in Banjarnegara. Situated some 58 kilometers from the center of Banjarnegara, this area can be reached in about an hour by motorcycle.

Dieng is an area with abundant historical and ancient relics and an outstanding natural scenery, such as the Arjuna temple complex that comprises five temples in a row from north to south.

Other temples of interest are the Bima temple, Gatot kaca temple, and Dwarawati temple. 

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