Four friendly countries to enliven SNC 2018

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Four friendly countries to enliven SNC 2018

Illustration - The participants of Semarang Night Carnival (SNC) 2017 show off their sparkling costumes when starting the parade in Kota Lama, Semarang, on Saturday (6/5). (Photo: ANTARAJATENG.COM/Zuhdiar Laeis)

Semarang (Antaranews Jateng) - Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar) of Semarang City, Central Java Province, said that four friendly countries would take part in the Semarang Night Carnival (SNC) 2018 event on May 5, 2018.

"There are several friendly countries participating in this year`s SNC, namely from Senegal, South Korea, India, and Taiwan," Head of Disbudpar of Semarang Masdiana Safitri stated here on Thursday.

According to her, the theme of this year`s SNC event would be "Semarang Sheen," which will be divided into four sub-themes displayed in the parade.

The four sub-themes of SNC 2018 include Masquerade Gold (Semarang Batik), Masquerade Silver (Art Deco), Masquerade Red (Kampung Pelangi), and Masquerade Blue (beach).

"This year, we try to bridge the modernization of local cultural arts through some of the themes. SNC can serve as a medium to expose the cultural art of Semarang," she stated.

She explained that the art and cultural performances in the SNC does not change the values that have developed in society, both spirit and philosophy.

Safitri remarked that SNC is a leading tourist attraction to attract tourists to Semarang, which is expected to support the development of creative industries.

"A total of 800 participants, including delegates from out of town, have been trained through a series of costume and choreographic workshops for a month," she revealed.

Some areas, such as Pemalang District, Jepara, Grobogan, Salatiga City, Manado City (North Sulawesi), and Keerom District (Papua), will also participate in SNC 2018.

"There are two communities from outside the region who will also participate, namely Salatiga Iconic Costume from Salatiga and Carnival Lovers Community. We make sure that SNC this year is more vibrant," she added.

The route passed by SNC participants this time is also different and shorter than the previous year, such as starting from Semarang City Hall-Imam Bonjol Street-Pierre Tendean Street.

In previous years, the SNC route always started from the Old Town of Semarang along Pemuda Street to the front of Semarang City Hall and then to Simpang Lima Semarang.

"SNC event is a national-scale event that will be watched by thousands of people. Please be advised if traffic flow becomes choked up; however, we always evaluate this event from year to year," she revealed. 
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