Rev. Robertus Rubiyatmoko Named Archbishop Of Semarang

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Rev. Robertus Rubiyatmoko Named Archbishop Of Semarang

Romo Robertus, Uskup baru Keuskupan Agung Semarang. (Foto: ANTARAJATENG.COM/dok.Komisi Komsos KAS)

Semarang, ANTARA JATENG - Pope Francis has named Rev. Robertus Rubiyatmoko as the new archbishop of Semarang archdiocese of Central Java.

Father Sukendar Wignyosumarto, the administrator of the Semarang archdiocese, announced the appointment of Rubiyatmoko at the Semarang Cathedral here on Saturday evening.

"We received the mandate to make the announcement from the Vatican ambassador," he stated.

He noted that Rubiyatmoko`s appoinment has already been announced in Rome.

Born in Sleman district of Yogyakarta in Central Java, on Aug 10, 1963, Father Rubiyatmoko is at present a judicial vicar of the Semarang archdiocese.

His appointment would immediately be made known to church members throughout the Semarang archdiocese, Sukendar remarked.

The Semarang archdiocese has been given three months to prepare for the anointment. "We have already formed a committee," he revealed.

A minimum of three archbishops must be present for the anointment, but so far "we have not yet decided on (who would be present) or whether Rubiyatmoko would choose who he would like to be present," he stated.

The post of Semarang archbishop has been vacant since 16 months following the death of Mgr. Pujasumarta in Nov 2015.
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