BRI to Continue to Focus on Serving SME

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Bank BRI

Solo, ANTARA JATENG - State lender Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) said it will continue commitment to supporting small and medium enterprises (SME) in finance.

"So far we already are more concerned with development of UMKM as BRI has expanded from its business with UMKM," head of the BRI branch in Solo Aloysius Andi Sulistyo said here on Tuesday.

Aloysius said the original principle of BRI is that 80 percent of its total credit portfolio is for UMKM, adding in Solo it is even higher at 90 percent.

The number of the bank`s clients among UMKM has increased frrom year to year . In the first none months of last year , the bank had 358 new clients among UMKM, in the same period this year the number shot up to 1,284.

Most of the UMKMs borrowers are traders with credit ceilings from Rp40 million to Rp3.5 billion.

"Currently the non performing loan of UMKMs is still under control at 2.8 percent," Aloysius said.

BRI will continue monitoring in an effort to expand the market of UMKM products The bank will continue business approach with UMKMs through BUMN creative House (RKB).

"Currently there are 71,000 RKM members among UMKMs," he said. 
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