Jokowi and Rutte dress in batik clothing for meeting

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Jokowi and Rutte dress in batik clothing for meeting

Dutch Prime Minister (left) signs a guest book accompanied by Indonesian President Joko Widodo (right) at the Bogor Presidential Palace in West Java on Monday, Oct 7, 2019. (ANTARA/Agus Salim/Sw)

Bogor (ANTARA) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte both apparently made the same choice of wearing long-sleeved batik for their bilateral meeting at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Monday.

The appearance of both leaders bore similarity, as the batik they had worn were brown-black in color that matched with their black trousers.

After receiving a warm welcome from President Jokowi and children in traditional clothing at the palace stairs, Rutte entered the building to sign a guest book. Thereafter, Jokowi and Rutte held talks in the company of their officials.

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The duo also had lunch together and engaged in informal talks at the veranda of the Bogor Palace after Rutte planted a tree in the palace yard.

The leaders will hold discussions pertaining to the concerns of future strategic bilateral cooperation between both nations based on the principle of comprehensive partnership as stated by the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Rutte's visit to Indonesia is part of a series of his visits to Southeast Asian and Pacific countries that will also take him to New Zealand and Australia.

Dutch Chief Adviser for Foreign Affairs and Defense as well as the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism are accompanying Rutte during his visit.

During this day-long visit to Indonesia, Rutte will also hold meetings with businessmen, students, academics, and alumni of Dutch institutes of higher education in Jakarta.

Rutte had last paid a visit to Indonesia in November 2016.

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